Vendredi 25 Mai 2012

The Popular Music Venues European Meetings taking place this year in Belfort & Montbéliard. They are opening Wednesday 27th June and will be concluded Friday 29th June in accordance with the 29th Eurockéennes festival.

These professionnal meetings are open to any popular music stakeholders.

During three days, many debates, workshops and think tanks will focus on the main topics and issues for the live music venues and festivals.

 It’ll be also a great opportunity to inform you about the advances on European professional structuration (LIVE DMA, DE CONCERT, EUROPA CLUB…) as well as more local stakes with the french scheme SOLIMA[i] for venues, territorial cooperations and practical exchanges.

 In connection with the 1st edition we organized in Courtrai/Kortrijk (BE) in June 2010 which has permitted us to highlight european and international stakes, as named inside LIVE DMA[ii] Network, these meetings will open a set of reflexions on the entrepreneurial dimension for the stakeholders active for popular music. What does mean, for venues and festival, an economic Creative Europe in  globalized world ? This cycle will process thereafter the meeting under partnerships with LIVE DMA Network and the French Ministry for International & European Affairs.

Agenda & Schedules :

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The meetings will stant at Atria in Belfort, access :

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